Hyphae LLC is a business or culture that is continually being grown to help people and help nature. 


What does our definition of “help” mean?
To Hyphae LLC help is observing and listening to the needs of eco-systems of people and nature and then formulating a way to exchange resources and energy into those areas of life that Hyphae LLC is in symbiosis with. 



Stephen Sumner is a Mycologist and the founder of Hyphae LLC. He is certified with the Department of Health and Agriculture to safely identify, inspect, cultivate, and forage wild mushrooms. Many of these wild mushrooms that he forages are to sell, share and educate his community. He studies the benefits that mushrooms have on humans medicinally and the ways that mushrooms can work to repair our Earth.  His background and experiences are in permaculture, organic farming, and philosophy. Stephen has a heart that pursues this Earth and what lives and grows here.
His partner, Haley, works alongside Stephen with Hyphae LLC and provides a good share of the photos used for the business. She cares deeply about the natural systems of Earth and how we can be better stewards of the planet. She studies Geological and Earth Sciences with interest in forest ecology, watershed systems/land, and rocks/minerals. She is also learning the ways of the mycological world and how mushrooms can be utilized to clean up our planet. Her love and understanding of nature drive her to preserve it. Haley loves to hike, kayak and create art.