Cordycep Dual Extract

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Cordyceps mushroom is showing to be extremely useful in healing irregular cytokine responses due to SARS group viruses. 

Cytokine storms circulate through the blood system and then enters organs, shutting them down due to toxicity. 

SARS-groups of viruses affect the respiratory system damaging cilia that help move mucous out of your lungs. Cordycep are reducing the IL-1b cytokine, protecting and regenerating the cilia cells and are reducing confused autoantibodies that increase the destruction. 

This research is based of Stephen Harrod Buhner’s recent journal expressing herbal and fungal knowledge regarding COVID 19.

Hyphae LLC’s owner has been dual extracting mushrooms such as the cordyceps spp for years now as a personal supplement.

Our cordyceps dual extract is at a 1:5 ratio of weight to volume of alcohol. 

-Stephen Sumner 

Co-owner of Hyphae LLC


Stephen Harrod Buhner

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