Reishi Mushroom Dual Extract (G. tsugae)

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Reishi mushroom is known to be an adaptogenic immune supporting mushroom. Reishi has been consumed for thousands of years. 

Reishi is part of a class of mushrooms called Ganoderma. Primarily, Ganoderma mushrooms are full of beta D-Glucans which are the bioactive compounds with immunomodulatory, glucose-modulatory, and cardioprotective properties.

There is a linked study titled “Biologically Active Terpenoids from Mushroom origin: A Review” and the scientists at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University in Turkey in 2014 compiled important evidence.

 Different species of Ganoderma are found to have hundreds of different secondary terpenoids that offer a wide range of various medicinal benefits. 

For instance, we make dual extract of G. tsugae (Hemlock Reishi) that includes Tsugaic Acids that help Cervical cancer while G. orbefome helps with Malaria.


Our Reishi dual extract is at a 1:5 ratio of weight to volume of alcohol.

-Stephen Sumner 

Co-owner of Hyphae LLC