Hyphae LLC brews strong, delicious cold brew coffee infused with the healing power of medicinal fungi. All our coffee is brewed right here in the mountains of Northeastern Georgia, where many of the medicinal mushrooms used in our brew can be foraged. In addition to brewing delicious beverages, we seek to spread awareness of the many health benefits these fungi have to offer, and to bring this resource to the public through sharing knowledge and offering medicinal tinctures and guided  fungi tours of our home and haven- Southern Appalachia. 


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Mycological Permaculture Design Consultation Services

$200 / Consultations
  • In-Person Property Visit
  • Research
  • Plan Development
  • Up to 5 hours on-site labor
  • Material Sourcing from local vedors
  • Learn to utilize your property with perma-culture
  • access to free soil amendment and analysis strategies