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Chanterelles are a delicious gourmet mushroom that grow from a mycorrhizal connection with the roots of oaks and other hardwood trees. They belong to the genus of Fungi named Cantharellus.

Chanterelles have false gills, ribbed structures that are decurrent and run down the cap to the stem. Members of this genus of fungi will never grow from wood, they are mycorrhizal and remembering this will help you on the identification.

There’s a look alike mushroom named the Jack O Lantern, a beautiful bioluminescent but poisonous mushroom. These Jack o Lanterns grow from wood and have true gills. Chanterelles will grow on the ground and have false decurrent gills.

There are a variety of mushrooms in the genus Cantharellus, such as the Black Trumpet, the Cinnabar, Golden Waxy and Appalachian Chanterelle. All of them are edible and mycorrhizal (grown by connection with tree roots)

Chanterelles are highly nutritious and phenomenal for keeping the skin healthy, improving muscle mass and maintain brain health. One cup of chanterelles has 23% DV of Iron, 21% DV Copper, 19% DV of Vitamin D, 13% DV Vit-B3, 11% DV Vit-B5.

All these nutrients and tastiness for free. Chanterelles have a mild peppery taste and a apricot aroma.

Chanterelles grow everywhere and in the right time of year can really save you some money to buy those same nutrients in the market.

We take gifts to our harvesting spots and give back to the abundance of the harvest. We give to remember how wonderful the provision of our forests is and that without respecting the connection, we all will lose the abundance (Snails included!).

Chanterelles will grow in late spring to late summer, from the ground. Imagine an internet like connection (a web) running under your feet. Once a rain comes, those mycelium “webs” fruit the chanterelles up the next day.

Chanterelles are delicious in most dishes. Pizza, Rice and Mushroom pilaf, Chanterelle Bisque, Risotto, Venison & Wild Herb Stew. Cook all chanterelles before consuming. Remember to properly identify all mushrooms before cooking.  

If you aren’t comfortable with identifying mushrooms Hyphae LLC does offer seasonal foraged mushrooms from the wilderness of Southern Appalachia. Our Founder Stephen Sumner is a certified mushroom expert and licensed to sell to restaurants and markets. Send us an email at for pricing and seasonal availability.

All images are taken by Stephen Sumner & Haley Morgan.