What is Hyphae?

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Hyphae LLC is a business or culture that is continually being grown to help people and help nature. 

What does our definition of “help” mean?

To Hyphae LLC help is observing and listening to the needs of eco systems of people and nature and then formulating a way to exchange resources and energy into those areas of life that Hyphae LLC is in symbiosis with. 

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of the mycelium. Mycelium is composed of individual Hyphae that work together to do a wide array of tasks underground. 

Hyphae can detect resources needed to grow, spread to those resources and convert the energy into food and leave a healthy byproduct for plants and other microorganisms.

Hyphae are separated by what is called the septa. The septa act as a clamp in most cases, keeping the individuality of each Hyphae while functioning together to transport resources. 

Hyphae are the ultimate workers, the ultimate caregivers and listeners in nature. 

The owners of Hyphae LLC are studying and modeling our business model around the teachings of Hyphae, Mycelium and Fungi to help us become resilient and true as the mushroom. 

Over time, Hyphae may become bound together to create complex structures. 

Currently, we are expanding. 

The ongoing conversation is “how do we do this sustainably and pair with others symbiotically”. 

The mycelium is still spreading in our lives and we have our growing understanding to help us achieve new substrate. 

Hyphae LLC offers many different natural products and services that seem unrelated. Yet, there’s always a reason behind where we spread. 

We carry mushrooms dual extracts from cultivators at Fungi Farm LLC, Green Box LLC or foraged sustainably from the Southern Appalachian wilderness. 

All our extracts are formulated with a 1:5 ratio of Dry weight: Liquid weight. 

Hyphae LLC carries 25 hour steeped Cold Brew Concentrate and Cold Brew, roasted with organic and Fairtrade beans. Cold Brew is less acidic than hot brewed coffee which makes it easier on your stomach and esophagus 

We offer this cold brew with Lions Mane and Reishi extract infused. 

We are in the lab and brainstorming on more services and products for the people. 

Services that we offer include: 

  • mushroom bed installation
  • lectures on mushrooms at public/private events 
  • environmentally friendly landscaping services
  • organic farming consultation 
  • wild mushroom identification

If you have any questions regarding our products and services email us at hyphaellc@gmail.com